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Urban Growth

In Orissa out of the total population of 36,706,920 as on 1st March, 2001, 31,210,602 live in rural areas and 5,496,318 in urban areas. The net addition of population in rural areas during 1991-2001 has been to the tune of 3685399 while in urban areas it is 1261785. The percentage decadal growth of population in rural and urban areas during the decade is 13.8 and 29.78 percent respectively.

The percentage of urban population to the total population of the states stands at 14.97. The percentage of urban population to total population in the 1991 Census was 13.33 percent. Thus, there has been an increase on 1.64 percentage points in the proportion of urban population in the state during 1991 – 2001.