Joining CMAO
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Types of Membership

The membership of the Association shall be open to the individual/institutional members who are associated with the local government administration. The association shall for the time being consist of the following categories of the members.


Institutional Members

    • All Municipal Corporations in the State of Orissa.
    • All Urban Development Authorities in the State of Orissa.
    • All Municipalities in the State of Orissa.
    • Institutions involved in Research, Training or Urban Management.
    • NGOs involved in providing municipal services.

    Individual Members

    Professionals with qualifications or experience in urban management as shown in the definition of City Manager to be selected by the managing committee. (Nos. of individual members shall be restricted to 50% of institutional members).

    Associated Members
      • Notified Area Councils, one member from each notified area Councils.
      • Students connected with the urban design, planning, urban management and other urban services related matters.
      • Individuals who are otherwise eligible to become members of the association but could not be given membership on account of the prescribed limit of individual
      • Membership not exceeding 50% of the Institutional Members.

      Patrons :

      • Commissioner cum Secretary Urban Development, Government of Orissa
        Key industrial houses to be selected by the Managing Committee.