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Training Need Assessment
A review of literature indicates that training programmes are often prescribed as the drug of choice to problem situations in organizations. How often have you heard, "We got a training problem..." or "They’re not doing it the way they’re supposed to..."? Often these statements are only symptoms of a problem. Until the problem is understood in greater detail, proposing a solution or an intervention can be a costly and fruitless endeavor. Often overlooked as the first step in the performance improvement process is the training needs assessment.

A need is not a want or desire. It is a gap between "what is" and "what ought to be". The needs assessment serves to identify the gaps, and considers if the problem can be solved by training. The assessment is part of a planning process focusing on identifying and solving performance problems.

The Programme:

Conducting an assessment is a way to collect information that can be used to decide what type of development will be perceived as relevant and useful. An assessment enables a conversation to take place that questions what skills and knowledge is required to be more effective.

The needs assessment process is an important first step in the development of a training program or performance improvement initiatives. A needs assessment provides an opportunity to consult with a variety of people in the organization.

In order to attune the design of the training programme and curriculum with the needs and aspirations from sending organisations and participants, the CMAO is conducting an analysis on specific training needs and cultural issues in order to identify issues, topics and professional themes that are most relevant.

The objective of the Training Need Assessment are: 

  • To determine what training is relevant to your employees. jobs,

  • To determine what training will improve performance,

  • To determine if training will make a difference,

  • To distinguish training needs from organizational problems, and

  • To link improved job performance with the organization’s goals and bottom line.

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    This questionnaire is designed to identify the motivation and need of training for a whole organization. Our intention is to request various individual and organization, to fill the questionnaire from the overall organizational & individual perspective.

    To participate in the Training Need Assessment Programme please submit a letter of interest to the Change Management Centre, CMAO Secretariat and we will be happy to send you a form via fax, e-mail or mail.