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The City Mangers Association Orissa (CMAO) will provide city officials with a platform in which to learn and explore in great detail about key aspects of urban management. The objectives are to advance knowledge and understanding of the City Managers on broad range of urban issues and to present the tools they need to plan, manage and govern their cities. The three specific objectives are:

  • Information Exchange & Dissemination
  • Training skill up gradation for & Capacity Building for Professional Development
  • Advocacy

Information Exchange & Dissemination

Share of information and experiences in city management practices by networking with national and international bodies working in the field of urban management.

  • Provide first hand exposure to the urban managers to the best management practices within and outside the country.

  • To access international information on developing technologies and best management practices.

  • Dissemination of information through publications, (i.e. newsletters, manuals, books etc.) audio-visual media, multimedia etc.

  • Disseminate success stories of urban management practices in Orissa.


Training skill up gradation & Capacity Building for Professional Development:

CMAO will not establish a formal training institution rather facilitates training of city managers through other Indian and international training institutions in the following manner:

  • Continued professional development for persons in urban management    positions by conducting workshops, seminars, short in-house discussions / brainstorming sessions.
  • Strengthen quality of city government through professional management.
  • Provide knowledge and skills, which are common to all city managers.
  • Oversea training.


    The highest priorities for the association are to increase the professional skills of Orissa city managers. The association – particularly over the longer term – will work to raise the sensitivity of the state and central governments on urban issues.