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Gender Resource Centre

More than 600 women were elected to Urban Local Bodies of Orissa in the year 2002. They represented a Mayor & a Deputy Mayor in Municipal Corporations of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack respectively. Apart from the Municipal Corporations there were 31 women Chairpersons and 69 Vice Chairperson elected to ULB’s. Though the constitutions of India, Orissa Municipal Act and Orissa Municipal Corporation Act safeguarded the function of Urban Local Bodies, women still find themselves struggling for a political voice, and many of today’s cities continue to exclude women from formal governance structures.


However, Elected Women representatives play a very vital role in societies and urban local bodies. Yet, despite their significant role in city development, they often receive less than they deserve for their contribution. The problems faced by Elected Women representative are enormous and complex and they don’t have in house expertise to tackle them. They need external support to understand and address these challenges. In order to support the women representatives the need of establishing a Gender Resource Centre (GRC) came up.

  • GRC will support professional development of Elected Women’s Representatives in enhancing their in-house capacity to handle the complex urban issues.

  • GRC will share information on success stories of urban governance among Elected Women’s Representatives.

  • GRC will undertake Elected Women’s Representatives require training programme within the state and both in India & abroad.

  • GRC will advocate for strong urban governance concerns to higher levels of government.


The GRC will support Elected Women’s Representatives on institutionalizing good urban governance practices. The detailed objectives are:

  • Assist the state and local governments in Reforms process for Good Governance;

  • Implementing projects for improvement of urban governance in both state & local level;

  • Develop training modules & programmes in Gender related subjects;

  • Leadership development in Urban Management;

  • Networking with National & International organization on Gender Governance;

  • Research and publish in the area of Gender in Urban Governance

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of governance in poverty alleviation & Environment