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The Benefits

CMAO members have access to a number of services including: the CMAO newsletter & other publications, Annual Conference featuring the best in urban & municipal management methods; and various professional development events offered by the Association. By joining CMAO, you will receive the following package of benefits.

  • Being part of CMAO means your city has access to this vast network of technical and management know-how exactly when you need it.

  • You will be assisted in receiving funds from the International organizations and donor agencies.

  • Attend the relevant seminars and training programmes that CMAO organizes for its members.

  • CMAO also provides / arranges sponsorships to its members for attending various training & conferences in India and around the world.

  • CMAO's Best Practices Programme allows you to access and learn best practices and recognizes your Initiatives in Orissa, India and worldwide for recognition.

  • Being the voice of Orissa in urban governance, CMAO enhances its members' visibility and presence at the international arena through strong and united voice of cities from Orissa in international platform.

  • CMAO's advocacy makes sure your point-of-view gets attention in critical urban events around the world.

  • Being a member of the CMAO's you have access to a large pool of information and knowledge on sustainable urban development through newsletter, The City Manager, Urban info, Diary of Contacts in Urban Development, CMAO Focus, Resource Paper etc.

  • CMAO helps members to identify potential partner cities and facilitates your city's efforts towards international cooperation.

  • CMAO members are part of a worldwide network of local government managers’ and representatives that are tackling similar urban management problems through workshops, seminars, and conferences around the world, and through electronic conferences on the website.

  • CMAO Members are eligible to get fund support for attending national & international programmes.