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Best Practices Database?

The idea of creating CMAO Best Practices Database is based on the observation that carefully documented case histories can provide excellent guidelines for policy making and planning of new projects. The goal of a database on Best Practices is to present and promote creative, successful and sustainable solutions to social problems arising from poverty and social exclusion in order to build a bridge between empirical solutions, research and policy.

Best Practices, in the CMAO Database, are model projects or policies aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals or groups suffering from poverty or social exclusion. They are typically based on the cooperation between national or local authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities, the private sector, and academic communities. They include a variety of activities in all parts of the world.

The following are CMAO documented Best Practices in Orissa:

Living Heritage Streets Vending Zones - Low Carbon Society Bio Composting Puri SWM
Bhubaneswar Sewerage System