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Sharing & Recognizing Excellence of innovations in Urban Management _The Best Practices Programme

Best practices are actions undertaken in partnership between Governments, local authorities and civil society that have made a lasting contribution in improving the quality of life in urban and rural communities. Good and best practices serve as indicator in assessing urban trends and conditions. The analysis of these practices also provides insight into policy options and capacity building opportunities necessary to improve living conditions of the people.

CMAO would therefore strive to assist its members to implement best practice initiatives so that the urban areas of Orissa can be projected for international awards and dissemination. The CMAO intends to establish a resource center to meet the needs for practical information on best practices, and innovations implemented by local governments and Development Authorities and other member organizations of CMAO in Orissa and elsewhere.


  • Promote the replication of initiatives and practices that will make a sustainable contribution towards improving the quality of life in urban communities through cooperation among government, the private sector and civil society.

  • Recognize the specific contributions achieved by members of the Association,

  • Encourage local authorities to adopt new innovative ideas to address various urban problems,

  • Improve management system in urban areas to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

  • Publicize these to other members as well as to the general public.